Children join our nursery in the autumn term after their third birthday and spend one year in our nursery class before transitioning to reception class when they are four.

In our nursery class the children love to learn, play and interact in our language rich, visually stimulating and creative environment; each day is a day filled with experiences that enable each child to have fun and learn.

Our first aim is to ensure each child has a happy first experience at Hawley as, for many children, it may their first time away from home and/or being part of a large group. We allow time for children to adjust to the routines within the setting and develop relationships with staff and other children and then, take those small but significant steps towards  becoming happy, confident and resilient learners.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which enables us to plan for adult led and independent activities that cover the breadth of the curriculum and allow for each child  to  learn through hands on practical experiences. Together with our well resourced indoor and outdoor provision, all children have the opportunity to explore and develop their imaginations, curiosity and social skills in a safe and nurturing environment.