Our Settling in Curriculum

The topic in the nursery this half term is ‘Nursery Rhymes’ please see the topic web to see some of the activities the children will do. In addition, we will be following our settling in curriculum to ensure all children are making the transition into the nursery with confidence and develop the skills to enable them to make the expected progress.

Settling in curriculum some starting points: To enable progress across the EYFS curriculum children need to develop their skills in the following areas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Prime area of learning

  • Begin to separate from main carer with confidence
  • Be motivated to take part in experiences indoors and outside
  • To manage own personal needs
  • Become familiar with the routines within the setting

Communication and Language Prime area of learning

  • To want to communicate with others
  • To be able to express feelings and needs
  • To know some vocabulary of the setting for example the names of staff and other children
  • Listen to stories in a small group and talk about what has been read.

Physical development Prime area of learning

  • To be willing to explore the environment through gross and fine motor activity
  • Be on the way to independently using the toilet
  • Begin to put on coats and jackets with minimal support
  • Create intended marks with pens and paint brushes

Mathematics Specific area of learning

  • To show an interest in sorting and counting
  • To be able to sort and match when tidying away
  • Become familiar with number rhymes
  • Begin to chant numbers in the correct order.
  • Begin to use number names and words like “more than and fewer than”

Understanding the World Specific area of learning

  • To be curious and use senses to explore
  • To know their way around the environment
  • Begin to notice changes in everyday objects

Literacy Specific area of learning

  • Show an interest in books
  • Begin to handle books carefully
  • Explore mark making using a range of media
  • Draw and paint pictures and give meaning to what has been created
  • Sing nursery rhymes

Expressive Arts and Design Specific area of learning

  • To be able to represent ideas using a range of materials
  • To be motivated to try new creative experiences
  • To be able to imagine and pretend

Characteristics of Effective learning

  • Have a willingness to explore
  • Be motivated
  • Begin to have their own ideas
  • Begin to choose something to do