Take a look around the nursery

Acting out stories…

The nursery love stories and they are central to our curriculum, we listened to different versions of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and then re-enacted the story, the children were able to take on the role of the different characters and were using the language from the story, supporting their story telling skills. We changed the story slightly, having two wolves to chase the pigs.

Role play opportunities in the nursery…

The role play area was set up as a vets surgery, caring for many of the animals found at willows Farm. Children were excellent at caring for the animals, taking their temperatures, giving them injections and bandaging them.

Opportunities for counting…

The children have had lots of opportunities to play dice games, rolling the dice and counting that number of egg in to the hens nest.

In maths, we have been counting and beginning to subitise. We played a game, rolling the dice and finding the corresponding piece of the wolf, some children can now recognise patterns up to six.


The focus for cooking this half term, is food produced on the farm.

We used eggs from the hen, to make egg mayonnaise sandwiches, in the shape of a hen.

Making a Greek salad, with feta cheese, made from sheep’s milk.

We used goat’s cheese to make a tart, we added rosemary from our garden, it was delicious

We also made little pig faces for a healthy snack.

Making houses for the Three Little Pigs

Later in the week, the children using recycled materials to make houses, then we put them to the test. We tested them to see if the wolf could blow them down. There were so many houses, that the wolf, could not blow down.

Nursery trip to Willows Farm

Over the course of the first half of the summer term, the nursery topic was, ‘On the Farm’ the children visited, Willows Farm and had a great time, feeding the animals and stroking the guinea pigs in the Petting Area. They saw lots of baby animals. They ended the trip at the Peter Rabbit playground and despite the rain; they watched the Benjamin Rabbit show and had a quick ride on the JCB’s to escape the rain!