Dear Year 4 Parents/Carers,

Year 4 Spring Term Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring term of Year 4! I hope you had a joyous and restful Christmas break.

Our topic this term is ‘Chocolate!’ This is an exciting topic in which we will be covering lots of science, history, geography, art and DT. Whenever possible, this topic will be covered through cross curricular teaching and learning – linking subjects together to ensure a wholesome experience for the children.  

In English we will be focusing on two texts: The Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowry and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We will be working on our writing skills to write our own narratives inspired by Roald Dahl while focusing on analysing and creating character and setting descriptions. We will also be writing recipes, persuasive sales pitches and biographies. Through this we will also be working on improving our stamina and focus when writing and our grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.

In Maths we will be working on the four operations: calculating addition and subtraction and multiplication and division with a focus on multiplication. We will also be learning about fractions and decimals and statistics.

This term, Science is a huge part of our topic. We will develop our scientific skills by completing exciting investigations and experiments to learn about states of matter including solids liquids and gases, changing states and evaporation and condensation. As well as this, we will be learning about the human digestive system and human teeth.

In Geography we will be thinking about Mayan countries and developing our geographical skills by locating these on maps, atlases and globes, along with countries that grow Cacao trees. We will continue to think about physical and human geographical characteristics of places and think about the geographical significances of where the Maya lived and how these may have affected their lives.

In History we will learn about the Maya civilisation and contrast this to Anglo Saxon British history. We will learn how chocolate was invented and about its journey to Europe and how we have come to enjoy it today.  

In Art and DT we will study the illustrations of Quentin Blake and build on our drawing skills by imitating his style and drawing in ink. We will also learn about pop art and weaving with a focus on Mayan textiles. Additionally, we will take part in some cooking at Waitrose Cooking school in King’s Cross.

In Computing, we will be using iPads and laptops for researching and coding. We will be using various apps to create animations and persuasive videos.

Children will continue to have French lessons with myself on a Monday afternoon. This term we will be learning how to talk about our families, colours, days of the week and we will continue to practise numbers 1 – 30 so we can say the date and our birthdays in French.

In PSHE we will be taking part in an eight-week programme run by an external agency called Brain Buddies. This will cover managing and understanding feelings and emotions. These sessions will take place for one hour every Friday morning. More information on this will follow.

Year 4 will continue to have PE sessions on Tuesday afternoons with coach Charlie and Wednesday mornings with Laura. It is vital that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear in school for these lessons, including a hair bobble so that long hair can be tied back. Children will be learning about balance in gymnastics this term.

Home Learning

Your child will continue to receive homework every Friday to allow your child to share with you some of his/her school learning. As usual, homework is due back on the following Thursday. Please ensure your child is completing their homework to a good standard.  

Please continue to practise times tables and their related division facts up to 12×12 with your children at home. It is vital that children know these for the upcoming Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term. Children should be using Times Tables Rockstars at home.

There will be a parent meeting about the Multiplication Tables Check coming up this half term. The date and time for this will be sent out soon. This will be to give more information about the check and how you can support your child with their tables at home.

Please also ensure your child is reading at home. This can be anything including stories, non-fiction books, recipes or magazines! I try to get new books in the classroom as often as possible to keep our collection fresh, as it is my aim to convert every child into a reader by the end of year 4! So please encourage your children to borrow books to bring home and share with you and please remember that not only is reading extremely important but that it also should be fun!   

In addition to this, please ensure you are continuing to develop your child’s Hawley Habits at home. Discussing the habits using the same language that we use in school is extremely important in helping your child to become efficient learners and achieve. The five Hawley Habits are written at the bottom of the topic map.

Visits and workshops this term:
British Museum – Date to be confirmed
House of Illustration  -Date to be confirmed

Waitrose Cooking School – Tuesday 3rd March      Royal Academy – Thursday 19th March
Paul A Young Chocolate Shop – Date to be confirmed
Tate Modern – Date to be confirmed                                      

Yours sincerely,

Laura Ryan