National Portrait Gallery trip

Year 4 had a very enriching morning on Tuesday visiting The National Portrait Gallery. After a very eventful journey we arrived at the newly opened museum to take part in an Art History workshop about migration stories. We studied the portraits of people who had moved to England from different parts of the world. We examined the medium each artist had used and tried to guess the profession of each of the subjects. Everyone became art history detectives and used their observational and imagination skills to make some pertinent deductions.

The Tin Forest

Year 4 have been studying the book ‘The Tin Forest’ which is about recycling and caring for the environment. We created information leaflets encouraging people to look after the local area. We focused on the small park Camden Gardens which is just down the road from our school. We used persuasive language, the present perfect tense, and lots of prepositions in our writing.

Welcome back!

Year 4 has had an excellent start to the term and are already working extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum. The class created photo montage portraits to display outside their new classroom by brainstorming their interests. They then searched their ideas online before copying and pasting them. Finally they cut them out and arranged them carefully exploding out of their heads!

Trip to the CLC

Year 4 also visited the CLC for a day of computing which is always very popular. They used Google Earth to locate UK cities and to create their own information book on Book Creator about the UK.

Institute of Imagination!

This week, Year 4 have worked alongside the Institute of Imagination to think of ways to save, make and reinvent. It has been part of a wider topic all about Camden. We have been learning about the proposed Camden Highline which will see a fantastic bit of repurposing. In class the children have saved food scraps and re-used them as inks. They have made robo-bots from recycled materials and created some fantastic animations using Stop-Motion. Year 4 are trying their best to take steps to ease the climate crisis.

Year 4’s Tree Display

Year 4 have hit the 2023 ground running and have been working hard in all areas.

Our blue tree has been adorned with some lovely felt creatures, all designed and created by Y4. They used a running stitch to fasten the seams and then sprinkled their imaginations to create creatures of a unique design. We are quite  fond of our little felty habitat.

DT Week

Year 4 have recently enjoyed a DT week inspired by our pre-history topic.

The children worked collaboratively to create prehistoric shelters using a variety of tools and materials. They also turned their hand to sewing, recreating tunics inspired by clothing believed to have been worn at the time.

Harvest Raps

We also really enjoyed performing our Harvest raps. The children wrote and performed these like true professionals at the Harvest Assembly.

Now, we’re ready for a restful half term and time to recharge our batteries!

A fantastic performance!

Learning about the Stone Age

We enjoyed a trip to Hampstead Heath where we learnt a lot about the Stone Age through making fire and building shelters. We then went off to the Museum of London, to handle ancient artefacts and learn more about the role of archaeologists. 


We visited the Houses of Parliament and learnt all about the importance of campaigning in a democracy. This has helped us to think about standing up to unfairness. As it is Black History Month, we have learnt about the pioneering black change maker Mary Prince and how she campaigned for the abolition of slavery.

Museum of London Trip

Hampstead Heath Trip

Trip to the Royal Institution

​Sunflowers in year 4!

Welcome back!

Year 4 has settled back into school routines quickly and sensibly. We have had a busy week starting our new topic: From the Stone Age to the Iron Age and who are We?