HART is a small trust that was set up over ten years ago by parents whose children were leaving Hawley. Many parents donated to the trust so that future pupils could benefit from extra-curricular arts education.

One of the reasons parents choose Hawley is the emphasis placed on wider learning through art, music and drama above and beyond that offered by the national curriculum. Hawley Arts Trust has supported Hawley in doing this.

Charitable giving and fundraising events fund the Trust; one way to help is to make a donation to HAWLEY ARTS (please see related documents for the relevant form). Another way is to get directly involved in the running of the trust, either as a trustee or as a committee member. The Trustees currently are Anne Fontaine, Jackie Herald (governor) and Yannik Le Troadec (former Hawley parent).

We are seeking two new Trustees, and additional volunteers to join us on the committee.  If you are interested and can contribute some of your time, ideas, enthusiasm for the arts, creative skills and/or professional background, please come forward!

HART normally meets once per term to plan the programme and fundraising activities. In addition, committee members get involved with networking and helping with specific projects.  To find out more, please contact either of us.

Kind regards,

Jackie Herald jackieherald@aol.com