Dear Year 2 Parents/ Guardians,

The Year 2 class meeting will be at 3:30pm on Wednesday 25th September. Please come, as we will be discussing the coming year. Welcome back! We hope you had a happy and restful break over the summer. We are very excited to be sharing a class this year. Isolde will be taking the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and Olga will continue the week on Thursdays and Fridays.

Isolde is looking forward to returning to teaching after her maternity leave. Olga is thrilled to be joining the team here at Hawley. Olga has taught for 10 years in Waltham Forest as a KS1 and music teacher. She is also a musician and will be teaching music across the school on Wednesdays.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Africa’ – the children have already been sharing their knowledge about the continent and have put forward some great ideas and suggestions for the role-play area. If you have any objects, pictures or any other information relating to this topic at home, please bring them into school.

Whenever possible, this topic will be taught in a cross-curricular way – linking subjects together to provide a rounded and interesting experience for the children. In Literacy we will be looking at the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain with the aim of writing our own version.

We will also create an information book about one of Africa’s big five animals, researching from the internet safely. Writing in role is another learning objective for this term; which we will achieve by using various stories as starting points to create diaries and letters, (see Africa topic map). We will also learn poem by heart again.

In Maths we will be finding change from £1.00, understanding place value with money and working on 2 digit addition and subtraction using an empty number line. We will continue with our maths investigations and challenges, which everyone enjoyed last year, to develop our problem solving skills. In Science Year 2 will be continuing gardening/ harvesting with Clare and begin to cook our produce with Oonagh every Friday.

Alongside this we will looking at different types of plants, the parts of plants and what they need to grow. We will also develop the skills required to becoming a fantastic learner, concentrating on the 5 Hawley Habits. This will be done through exciting science experiments which require collaboration, imagination, curiosity, discipline and resilience.

In Art we will be looking carefully at African masks and making them out of cardboard. We’ll also learn how to make a coil pot out of clay inspired by our trip to the Horniman Museum.

In Geography we will study the globe to recognize the seven continents of the world. We will also be exploring the different countries in Africa and comparing them to life in Camden. We will be visiting Sainsbury’s to look at where our food comes from. We will be visiting the Horniman Museum to learn about African artefacts.

In History we will be finding out about the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela. In Computing we will be extending our skills by visiting the City Learning Centre to create an interactive digital picture.

In PSHE we will be setting goals for the new year and learning about healthy eating and the use of medicines.

In RE we will be learning about the Nativity. We will be visiting the Wallace Collection and discovering the story of The Nativity in Art.

This term PE sessions will be in the hall on Monday afternoons after lunch. Please make sure your child has the correct clothing for these sessions. We will also be continuing Swimming on Friday mornings.

Home Learning Each Friday your child will bring homework activity to share with you. Homework is a time in the week when your child can share with you some of his/her school learning. Please participate in their homework by following this simple advice: • Do pick a good time to do the homework – preferably not in a rush, and NOT when their favourite programme is on television. • Allow the child to take the lead, only assisting if they are unsure or need something reading or explaining. • Read the notes on the sheet – often the activity is focused on one specific skill and other skills are less important, and do not need to be fussed over! • Be positive! Praise is much more effective as a stimulus to hard work and good learning than criticism.

The home learning is due in the following Friday. We will also be sending home a list of spellings to learn over the week. We will be practicing these spellings on Mondays.

Guided Reading: Your child will read to a member of staff at least three times a week. Their book will be changed on the day they read to me. The day has not been fixed yet as I am still in the process of assessing everyone. I will send you a note to confirm which day your child will read to me as soon as possible. Please ensure that your child continues to read their book from the school scheme to an adult at home. Ideally this should be at least 3-4 times a week. It is important that children work steadily through the scheme in order to practice reading a variety of types of book, stories, poems, information books etc.

All children will also have regular access to the school library to choose one other book to share at home, please return these as and when. Your child will need his/her pink reading diary and reading book in school on their designated reading day (the day they read with me) otherwise their book will not be changed. Water bottles: Children should bring a water bottle to school and put it in the box by the classroom sink for use during the day. Punctuality: Being punctual for school every day is vitally important to the children’s learning and wellbeing in school.

Children should be in the classroom at 8.55 am each morning. If they are not in the room by 9.05 am they are recorded as late. As a class we are aiming to be on time every day and win the weekly whole school punctuality award. These staff are currently timetabled to work with Year 2: Isolde and Olga Class teachers Sandra, Yvonne Teaching assistants Jade, Florence Learning support assistants

Trips and workshops in the Autumn term Horniman Museum –

African artefacts -Tuesday 8th October Creative computing session at City Learning Centre – Tuesday 24th September Wallace Collection Looking at the Nativity in art- Thu 19th December

Yours sincerely,

Isolde Summerscale and Olga Baron