Year 2 has entered the Royal Mail Hero’s of the pandemic stamp competition. We brainstormed all the Covid hero’s and researched images (from Marcus Rashford to Refuge collectors)of them from the internet. We drew them in outline and then carefully coloured them in. Finally we painted a rainbow background. 24.5.21

Year 2’s is topic is The Sea. We have studied fish and drawn mackerels using our observational skills. We have created diamanté poems inspired by The Mousehole Cat story and our knowledge of adjectives, nouns and verbs. We have written persuasive letters to inform people that sharks are not deadly creatures just misunderstood fish! We have also learnt about Ramadan and the 5 pillars of Islam. 12.5.21

07.12.20 Year 2 has been learning about the features of information books. They have used this knowledge to make their own factual pamphlet about giraffes. Features include a glossary, amazing facts, diagrams as well as lots of information.

9.11.20 Working in small groups Year 2 researched an African country. They thought of questions and searched the Internet to find the answers. They then made an information page using PowerPoint. They also created the border by looking at African patterns.

11.11.20 Year 2 looked at African Kente cloth. They studied the meaning of the colour and pattern.  They created their own design By weaving paper.

Year 2 studied Van Gogh’s Sunflower picture. They used oil pastels and observed sunflowers from the Hawley garden to achieve their own version. October 2020