In Literacy this term we have been studying the story The Mousehole Cat. We have been thinking of creative and different ways to start sentences when writing.

We brainstormed and shared ideas to create a word bank to help use with our storm descriptions.

Year 2 have been working hard in literacy learning about persuasive writing. Using bossy verbs they have written an information leaflet about the Victorian event The Great Exhibition. Have they convinced you to visit?

Year 2 has been studying the poem The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. After discussing the text and writing their own version of the story the class drew terrifying pictures of the beast to go with their character descriptions.

Year 2 has been finding out about the Victorian artist William Morris. Alongside his many other talents they discovered he was famous for his wallpaper designs. He created patterns inspired by flowers plants fruit and other nature which were repeated many times by block printing. Using his ideas Year 2 have designed their own wallpaper through observational drawing and creating a repeated pattern.

Year 2 have written diary entries about their day in a workhouse. They researched the terrible conditions that Victorian children had to live in and used time connectives to sequence their work. Later they made old-looking paper using a coffee solution to make the display look authentic.

Year 2 has been working hard finding out about famous Victorian men and women. They researched information about them safely on the internet and created these wonderful portraits.

Year 2 Children experienced a Victorian lesson with the very strict teacher Mrs Wilberforce from the Freshwater Theatre Company. The children dressed up as Victorian children and learnt about the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmatic, as well as school punishment such as the blackboard which was used to make sure children displayed proper posture and the Dunce Hat! The children enjoyed the workshop and we had lots of volunteers. Well done Year 2! 18.1.22

Year 2 have been busy making information books about lions. They have researched their habitat, diet, amazing facts and young as well as visiting them at London Zoo.

They have learnt about the content of an information book including chapter headings, contents page and captions and have successfully included it them in their own books. 8.12.21