Our music teachers ensure that every class in the school has a music session weekly. They also lead on collective singing, and class and whole school performances; music is always an essential feature of all class and school assemblies, and community events. As a result, the children have a large repertoire of songs, which relate to their topics, festivals and the seasons.

Music has always been an important feature of the curriculum at Hawley. We have two music teachers one of whom works with the Early Year and KS1 and the other works with KS2.

Since becoming an all through primary school, we have been able to expand our music provision considerably. From Year 3 onwards all pupils can access instrument tuition by specialist teachers, facilitated by Camden Music Service. We are now able to offer instrument tuition to pupils in Year 3 upwards and we have a large take up of pupils. The instruments we currently offer are:

  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Fife/Flute
  • Brass

In Year 3, all pupils are taught to play the recorder by one of our music teachers. This is an opportunity for all of the children to learn to play an instrument at no cost to their families. It is also the chance develop the confidence to perform, the collaborative skills of playing collectively and the pleasure of making music. With these skills in place the children are then encouraged to move on to learning to play other instruments. 

With the Wider Opportunities Scheme, our Year 5 pupils are also able to learn to play brass instruments collectively, under the guidance of our KS2 teacher who is a brass specialist.