Hawley Primary School is committed to providing a PE curriculum that is wide ranging, inclusive and structured to encourage participation of all pupils in activities that encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles. Through the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities, during and at the end of the school day, we enable our pupils to develop and build on the skills required to participate in a range of collaborative and individual sports. 

As a growing school, year on year we are building on our PE and sport provision, commensurate with the age and skills of our pupils. 

In the year 2017-18 Hawley Primary School will receive £17,140. We intend to use this funding to: 

  • Purchase additional gym equipment to be used for floor exercise and with our new wall bars 
  • Provide time and additional training for our newly appointed PE lead teacher to organise and plan for the delivery of the PE curriculum throughout the school. 
  • Provide training for all teachers to ensure that they are confident and skilled in the teaching of gymnastics and dance. 
  • Hire Camden Sports Coaches to enhance our provision by offering their expertise and the opportunity for a broader range of sports and activities 
  • Subscribe to the Camden Sports coaching NVQ training scheme to utilise trainees as part of our lunchtime play provision, supporting our mealtime supervisors in the delivery of team sports and physical activities. 
  • Subscription to Camden Competitive Sports so that our pupils can start to participate in in-borough competitive sporting events such as the Camden cross country running event, football tournaments and the Camden swimming gala (from summer 2018). 

We are committed to raising the physical fitness levels of all of our pupils and enabling them to make healthy choices. We encourage our older pupils to take on the role of ‘Health Champions’ and to be role models in promoting and supporting younger pupils in the participation in the range of outdoor activities available outside including ‘the daily mile’ and single or pedal walker racing. 

All pupils at Hawley learn to swim over 3 terms across Year 1 and Year 2. As we continue to expand into an all through primary school, we will continue to introduce new sports and will revisit swimming in Key Stage 2, in order to support or enhance the acquisition of that skill.