At Hawley, it is our responsibility to use the Pupil Premium Grant to improve educational outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils. We must do our best for those for whom the quality of education matters most.

At Hawley, we believe that strong literacy and numeracy are crucial for preparing our children for life beyond school. Our aim is for all our pupils to make good progress in maths and literacy and we target pupil premium funding to ensure that we meet those aims for all our children.

We understand that early intervention is key and prioritise developing Language and Communication skills in the Early years. 

We provide a well-taught, high quality wider curriculum which is engaging and relevant, and ensure that all pupils are effectively supported to learn the key knowledge and develop the key skills that will enable them to successfully access all subjects across the wider curriculum. 

Our school allocates spending across the following 3 areas:

  • supporting high-quality teaching, for example, through staff professional development
  • providing targeted academic support
  • tackling non-academic barriers to academic success, such as difficulties in attendance, behaviour and social and emotional wellbeing

Supporting our disadvantaged pupils is a key priority for our Senior Leadership Team and for our governors. Our School Improvement Plan priorities are rooted in supporting the needs of our pupils and in developing the areas of learning in which they require the highest level of support. We are committed to developing strong relationships with families and to providing parents with the support that they need. We are ambitious for our pupils and we strive for success for all. Through rigorous assessment and monitoring,  we aim to utilise our pupil premium resources to the utmost effect.

For more detailed information, please refer to the school’s current Pupil Premium Statement.