Expanding from being an infant school into an all through primary school and moving into a new building, with a large sports hall and a multi-use games area has given Hawley the opportunity to expand our PE and sport provision.

Receipt of the PE Sports Grant from the government has also enabled us to provide training for all staff, improve our resources and extend the range of activities we provide. We have also benefited immensely from working closely with Camden Sports Coaches and NVQ trainees who support teaching and support staff in their delivery of the curriculum.

All pupils have at least two hours of PE per week, covering a range of disciplines including gym, dance and sports, offer group as well as individual challenges. We consider the ability to swim to be an essential life skill and therefore we enable all pupils between the ages of 6 and 7 to have entire year of swimming lessons as part of part of their PE curriculum. With support from families the regularity of the lessons enables the majority start or strengthen their swimming skills.

We are focused on enabling all pupils to develop health lifestyles and to that end, we offer opportunities for the children to participate in planned activities during the lunchbreak and in after school clubs which have included hula hooping, tennis, basketball and dance.

We do not look at physical fitness in isolation and therefore we ensure that we teach the children about food and nutrition. We have become an ‘adopted school’ by our catering provider, who lead termly assemblies and cooking sessions on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.  We hold an annual Healthy School Week, always linked to our Sports Day which is held nearby in Regents Park. We also benefit from being located within walking distance of other of sports facilities and open spaces including Prince of Wales Swimming Baths, Talacre Sports Centre.

As our pupils get older and we grow as a school, we look forward to being able to participate in many of the inter-school tournaments that are organised throughout the borough.

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