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Welcome to Hawley Primary School’s website. We are really pleased that you are taking the time to look at our website to find out about our school. We are at a very exciting time in our history as, after over 60 years as an infant school we have returned to being an all through primary school, albeit significantly smaller than we were in 1874.

Hawley Primary School is a happy and diverse community, where we retain our ethos of working in partnership with parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children and their families feel welcomed, valued and respected. We strive to ensure that our pupils benefit equally well from the breadth, depth and variety of opportunities that are offered to all learners, who are enthusiastic and excited about their learning.

Our principle aim is that by delivering a creative curriculum, which offers opportunities to develop curiosity, resilience, self- discipline, collaboration, and imagination we will enable all of our pupils to become self –motivated lifelong learners who are willing and confident enough to take on and rise to new challenges and opportunities for learning.

We are ambitious for all of our pupils and with the support of our Governing Body, we work hard to set and achieve high standards. We believe that a thematic approach to learning, practical experiences and enriching and creative opportunities enable children to learn and thrive.

Hawley Primary School is at an exciting phase in its history, and we are looking forward to continuing to welcome all new pupils, families and visitors to our happy, inclusive school as we grow.

Anne Fontaine

Latest News

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World Book Day 2022

All the children and staff had great fun dressing up as their favourite book characters. How many can you spot?

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Christmas Doors

All classes have been very busy decorating their doors for Christmas. Have a look at our lovely creations.

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Black History Month at Hawley

We enjoyed doing tie dye in Reception for Black History Month. We learnt that tie dye is used in different parts of the world to decorate cloth including Nigeria in West Africa. We looked at some Nigerian fabric and then made our own tie dye. We tied elastic bands tightly round the cloth and dipped […]

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Year 3 Art Club

Year 3 Art Club with by Marion and Yvonne Pumkins inspired by Yayoi Kusama

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Healthy Schools Week

We have been celebrating Healthy Schools Week at Hawley. In Year 1, we have been learning about healthy eating and made ourselves a healthy snack. We used rice cakes, houmous, cream cheese and vegetables to make faces. Can you spot animals, birds, people and aliens?

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Year 2

Year 2 has entered the Royal Mail Hero’s of the pandemic stamp competition. We brainstormed all the Covid hero’s and researched images (from Marcus Rashford to Refuge collectors)of them from the internet. We drew them in outline and then carefully coloured them in. Finally we painted a rainbow background.

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Something Special Happens…

“Something Special Happens” was a song written for Camden. Hawley took part in the making of the video. Y4 performed it fabulously with choreography from Charlie and singing lessons from Olga. You can see the video by clicking on the link https://camdenmusic.org/

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Crazy Hair Day!

What a great way to end Anti-Bullying Week. 20.11.20

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Year 4

Year 4 made string telephones to experience sound travelling as vibrations through a material. We discussed how sound waves sound louder when they are heard through solids. (Like the string of the telephones)

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Reception have had a lovely time settling into their new classroom and making friends. We have been pleased to welcome children from several local Nurseries as well as our own Hawley Nursery. We have enjoyed stories; looking after dollies in our baby clinic; making coffee and tea for “The Tiger who came to Tea”; using […]

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About Us

In November 2016 Hawley Infants School, ‘The village school in Camden’, bid a farewell to its tiny Victorian building in the heart of Camden Town and moved into a brand new building in a new, nearby, location. The move enabled the school to expand from a tiny single from entry infants’ school, into an all through primary school. And so began a new chapter in the history of Hawley.

Hawley Primary School remains a single form entry school, with one class per year group. In 2016 we opened our first junior class and we will continue to grow, year on year until 2019 when those very same children will become our first Year 6 class.

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Aims and Ethos

At Hawley, we want every child and every family in our school community to feel welcomed, valued and involved. We have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and of their attitudes to learning. We provide an environment in which children feel secure and are therefore able to thrive, develop self-confidence and take responsibility for their own actions.

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How can we help birds to live in the city?

As part of their STEAM topic, Year 1 have been planning and making bird feeders. We used a trail camera to record visiting birds, so far we have had many visits from this beautiful robin.


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