At Hawley, we want pupils to maximise their learning opportunities across all curriculum areas by becoming
competent readers early on in their school experience. Reading is at the very heart of successful learning
and enables children to become independent in broadening their knowledge and understanding. In the
EYFS and Year 1 we focus on rapidly developing skills for decoding texts along with an emphasis on
comprehension and prosody, or reading with expression. This provides children with the skills necessary to
fully access the Year 2 curriculum. The children are provided with a wide range of books, including fiction
and non-fiction which extend their vocabulary, inspire their creativity and provide them with experiences
both relevant to their lives and reaching out into the wider world. This is further enhanced by reading for
pleasure, which we value not just as a means for improving reading skills, but also as a way to enrich
children’s lives. Our curriculum is designed to allow all pupils to make good progress from their starting
point, wherever that may be.

For more information, please read our statement of intent.