Y6 Curriculum At Hawley, we have designed our curriculum to encourage a love of learning and to support children to become lifelong learners. We know that the transition from Primary to Secondary school is a significant milestone and we have carefully ensured that in Year 6, the curriculum not only continues to be exciting and challenging but also that the planned topics prepare the children for the next stages of school life.

Our Year 6 topics: “Who’s in the Mirror?” This topic links the study of eyes and light in science with a Shakespeare focus in literacy. Often in Shakespeare’s texts, all is not how it seems and the children will consider both how they see themselves and how others perceive them. This will include a focus on social media.

Exploration and Endeavour As well as encompassing the qualities needed to be an explorer and studying Shackleton’s epic adventure through the Antarctic, in this topic the children will be taking part in their own Residential trip to France and there will be a focus on what makes journeys successful – real journeys and journeys through life.

Inheriting the World – Looking at the impact that individuals can have on a changing world, this topic will have an environmental theme but will also challenge our pupils to think about their own responsibilities and the effects of their actions as they move to secondary school and beyond.