Welcome back to school year 6! 

It has been great getting to know year 6 this week. The children have settled in really well and are getting used to being the eldest in the school!

Chuck Close Portraits

This week, the children have worked really hard on their first self-portraits of the year, which have been inspired by the artist Chuck Close. Can you guess who these are?

Heart Dissection

We have also begun our topic on The Circulatory System and had the fantastic opportunity to dissect a sheep’s/lamb’s heart! It was a great way for the children to see and identify the main parts of the heart!

Autumn 2022

Welcome to our new year 6s! I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are feeling refreshed and ready for your last year at Hawley! This term, we will begin our learning on the Anglo-Saxons in history and the Circulatory System in science. If you would like to carry out some research into these topics before coming back to school, please do; you can share anything you have found out when we return to class.

Please keep checking our year 6 page on the website, as I will be regularly sharing your work and pictures from any trips and workshops we have had in school.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Sports Day Summer 2022

A great day! Congratulations to team Sapphire for winning this year, but fantastic effort by all teams throughout the day! Well done!

Year 6 doing ‘The Gabby’

The Long Throw!

The Lion King

Year 6’s production of the Lion King takes place this week (11th July). We will be performing to the whole school for our first dress rehearsal on Monday 11th July at 2.15pm. This will be followed by our first performance to parents on Tuesday 12th July at 2.15pm. Our final performance will be on Wednesday 13th July at 6.15pm.

We are all really excited to share all the hard work we have put in to produce a wonderful show! We look forward to seeing you all there.