At Hawley, every child is entitled to meaningful opportunities and real experiences

We plan our curriculum with care to ensure that children learn through real experiences. We want learning to be engaging and relevant. We aim to help children to develop to their full potential in all aspects of their life and we offer a rich school provision with a focus on the arts. 

Our creative curriculum has flexibility. This allows teachers to develop themes that are purposeful and significant. We plan opportunities to revisit and further develop these themes. We want children to experience an education that forges links between learning at school and exploring what is happening in their neighbourhood and the global community.

We recognise that we live in an amazing capital city and ensure that all our pupils are able to experience the opportunities available right here to enrich their learning. We want them to be aware of all the possibilities open to them in London.

We want Hawley pupils to be active citizens, ready to support their community. We want them to take care of their planet, respect each other and rise to the challenge of taking steps to make the world a better place for everyone.

Our curriculum has a strong focus on STEAM, developing creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We want our pupils to grow up with the skills and enthusiasm to take part in our evolving global society.

Our goal is to ensure that children at Hawley will develop a lifelong love of learning. We want to develop the characteristics essential to enable children to love to learn and to persevere when learning becomes challenging.

The Hawley Primary School curriculum is:

ASPIRATIONAL – inspires children to think beyond their ambitions

CREATIVE – linked to the sciences and the arts

COMMUNITY – has purpose and links with our local environment

EXPERIENTIAL– enhanced by real experiences