At Hawley Primary School our curriculum is designed to enable every child to develop a love of learning and the life-long learning skills of Curiosity, Discipline, Resilience, Imagination and Collaboration – The Hawley Habits of Learning.

All of our children are entitled to access an exciting and creative curriculum that offers them a breadth of opportunities to learn, be challenged, progress and achieve to the best of their ability. To do so our curriculum

  • Is well-structured across all phases, with a focus on creativity, linking the sciences and the arts and ensuring continuity and progression for all using the National Curriculum Programmes of Study.
  • Supports the children in the development of their learning skills, offering opportunities for them to express and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding
  • Is culturally reflective of our community and the world around us
  • Enhances every child’s learning by providing them with opportunities to benefit from real learning experiences throughout each year of their learning; making use of the expertise of those in our immediate community, accessing a full range of the arts and making use of the educationally and culturally rich facilities available in Camden and further afield.