Reception had their first school trip to Kentish Town fire Station. They had a brilliant time, sitting in the fire-engine and using the hose. Thank you to all the parents who came along with us. 

Reception have also been busy re-enacting the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Once they could retell the story in detail, they made their own books, drawing pictures to illustrate each part of the story and then writing a sentence independently.

To launch our topic, the children have been busy, dressing up as Superheroes! 

After reading ‘Supertato’ the children thought about what they would say to Evil Pea, writing their ideas onto speech bubbles. Later that week, they arrived in the morning to find a letter from Evil Pea, he had taken Beat Baby, (who helps the class to count) and trapped her! The class wrote letters, demanding her return. Then, they had to read the clues that had been left, which had some tricky words in and eventually she was found, and the children decided, she needed a medical check up and they made her a bed and looked after her. 

In maths this week, we have been comparing numbers. The children worked in small groups, they had two jars of counters and used ten frames to help count and compare which set had the most and the fewest. 

Reception used chalk pastels, to make maps of the solar system and drew pictures of themselves looking like astronauts. They used their segmenting fingers to help write labels for the different planets. This week they looked at the importance of the star in the Christmas story and they have been very busy learning songs for their Nativity performance on the last day of term.


Oracy has been the focus in Reception this week, the children made chatterboxes at home, finding objects that were special to them. Then they decorated their boxes. They were very excited to share their boxes. In school we did hoop groups, where each child took it in turns to talk about what was special and then they presented the chatterboxes to the whole class. It was so lovely to see the effort that went into making the boxes special at home. Thank you to the Reception families for taking the time at home to make them so special.


Reception have been drawing their self-portraits. They have been focusing on drawing detailed pictures of their eyes. Then, they used a photo of half of their face and drew what was missing. They have been making excellent progress with their observational drawing skills.

Little Wandle phonics

Reception are in the second week of the Little Wandle phonics scheme. This week the children were busy writing the first sound of the animals, using their newly acquired phonic knowledge. 

Welcome back!

The children in reception have now all started and are busy exploring their new classroom and making new friends. They have started PE sessions with coach Elijah and are getting used to the new routines.

Picking apples!

The children picked the apples from the nursery garden and they made a delicious apple crumble.during the cooking session they used the tools with excellent control and were very sensible when cutting the apples into slices.

Look at some of the lovely things that the children have been doing. 

Pancake Day!

Reception class had a wonderful time stirring, mixing and frying pancake batter on Shrove Tuesday….and eating it of course!

Gardening Project

We have enjoyed starting our gardening project at Rochester Square. We have been taking the children in small groups to do a range of activities. We have searched for worms in the wormery and snails in the garden. We have fed the chickens and rabbits. Some of us made clay leaves last week with Claire the gardener. Back at school, we enjoyed playing in our garden centre role play area.

Thank you to all the parents who have helped make our trips possible.

Visit to Talacre

We had a lovely walk to Talacre last week in the Autumn sunshine. We enjoyed using the big apparatus and climbed high on the monkey bars and slide. We balanced on the beam and seesaw. We picked up Autumn leaves and did some crafts back at school with Gretal’s mum.

Welcome Back!

We are delighted with our new Reception Class! Some children started last week and some this week. We have been enjoying exploring the learning environment indoors and outdoors, using our Book of the Week “But Martin” for some space themed play and making new friends. Well done Reception!