Our topic for this term is, ‘Traditional Tales’. Whenever possible we will be linking the teaching and learning activities each week to a specific story or text relating to this topic. Please see the attached topic ‘web’ for more details and examples of some of the things your child may be doing this half term. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

We will be using the characters in traditional tales to explore their feelings and our own. Through weekly circle times we will think about how characters felt at different times in the story, what happened to change how they were feeling and how we can change the way we or our friends are feeling. Children will also have opportunities to share their ideas and stories in front of the whole class or in the theatre role play in order to try and build their confidence. 

Physical Development 

PE this half term will focus on dance and the children expressing themselves through music and movement. This will continue to take place with Coach Charlie in addition to a new PE slot with me where we will be specifically looking at line dancing. Dance with me will take place on Friday afternoons so please ensure your child is wearing appropriate shoes and clothing for PE on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Literacy and Language and Communication 

This term we are starting small group reading. Once a week your child will take part in a small reading group with me where we will look at using our phonics to read full texts, other strategies to help us read the words and understand what is happening in the story. Later in the term children will start bringing home the weekly small group reading book to share with you at home too. Please make sure these are back in school on your child’s reading day (to be announced) so we can use the books in school. 

This topic gives us lots of opportunities to look at how stories are structured, what different characters and settings are like and then to start planning and writing our own stories by changing familiar narratives or even coming up with their own. 


The focus of maths this half term is shifting slightly away from counting and calculations and more towards measuring and 3D shapes. We will still have counting and 

calculation activities available regularly in class, but we are going to be thinking more about measuring and comparing different lengths/heights and weights. We will do this partly though our regular cooking sessions and by problem solving for our story characters. We will continue to use our number skills to support measuring. 

Expressive Arts and Design 

Weekly whole class music sessions are continuing this term, now on a Tuesday morning, with Vicky. She will sing with them and share instruments so they can make their own music! 

We will also continue to have a range of making activities available in the classroom for children to engage in, but we are now encouraging them to do some planning before they start their making. This will be the case when we make felt hand puppets so that they can make decisions about their materials and the effects they want to achieve with their art. 

Understanding the World 

This term we have a more science-like focus in understanding the world as we will be looking at different materials, their properties and suitability for building a house for the 3 Little Pigs. This will be supported by our trip to the Science Museum in February. 

We will also be using the Book Creator iPad app to create digital versions of our favourite traditional tales. This will include inputting some text and drawings as well as recording narrations for the stories. 

Home Learning 

Phonics folders will be going out every Thursday and these are due back on the following Wednesday. Please support your child with their phonics work by helping them to sound out words and hear the key sounds in words. Please also continue to read to your child as often as possible, and start encouraging them to look for words or sounds they know in books to start reading to you. 

Punctuality Please remember that children should be in the classroom at 8.55 am each morning. If they are not in the room by 9:05 they will be recorded as late.

Yours sincerely, 

Hannah Vidal-Hall