English is absolutely central to learning at Hawley. We believe that it is vital for children to speak, read and write fluently.

We know that an excellent grasp of English will enable our pupils to communicate with others and fully develop the emotional, intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual aspects of their lives.

We focus on teaching English to a very high standard at Hawley since we know that good standards in English will be hugely beneficial to the future lives of our pupils and will enable them to participate fully in our society.

We teach English through a well-balanced, stimulating, and effective curriculum but also in a fun and engaging way. We carefully teach specific aspects of English such as phonics, grammar, handwriting and spelling, but we also integrate the teaching of English into all subjects of the curriculum. This provides rich opportunities for learning new vocabulary and for improving standards of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Through our cross curricular approach to learning, we ensure that all pupils develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be active, confident, enthusiastic, creative and fluent language users.

At Hawley, one of our major aims is to ensure that all pupils become fluent, thoughtful and enthusiastic readers. We believe that we can enable children to develop a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment. We ensure that children enjoy a full range of quality texts that reflect our diverse community with increasing independence, understanding and empathy.