We visited Hampstead Heath and learned all about plants and birds. We made our own nests, created flower pictures out of natural materials and made birds out of clay. We had a wonderful day! 15.6.21

Year 1 are learning all about plants. We looked closely at some vegetables and talked about how they grow and which parts of them we can eat. Then we made healthy vegetable soup. It was delicious! 11.5.21

We have been learning about autumn time. We made collage animals and then created a forest for them by painting trees and printing leaves. We worked together collaboratively! 27.11.2020

In Year 1, we have been creating self-portraits using different materials. We looked closely in the mirror and drew our faces. Then we used torn paper collage and paints to add colour. We mixed the colours ourselves using just red, blue, yellow and white paint. 17.11.2020

Year 1 have been planning, telling and writing stories. We used the Hawley Habit of ‘Collaboration’ when working in our groups. Everyone took turns to draw, speak and listen. October 2020