Year 5 have been learning about David Hockney and his landscape paintings. We used only the three primary colours to recreate some of his famous landscape paintings. To build on this, we visited Hampstead Heath and sketched our favourite part of the landscape there, before turning our sketches into our own landscape paintings. We used David Hockney’s style, focusing on primary and contrasting colours and creating texture. 21.5.21

Henry Moore Art: 
In the autumn term, Year 5 learned about the Second World War. In their art lessons, to support their topic work, the children learnt all about the war artist Henry Moore. Year 5 worked hard to create their own scratchy dark drawings, like Henry Moore’s, using different media to powerfully capture the feelings of anxiety that people must have felt during the air raids. After sketching, the children worked collaboratively to create sculptures of their drawings. 

Toad’s Adventure story: 
During lockdown learning, we read The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and wrote adventure stories with Toad as the central character. Read our sentence-stacked story here! 

The Adventures of Toad
By Year 5

BAM! There was a thunderous thud and the judge screamed at the top of his voice, “GUILTY!” Toad, whose malicious plan had flopped like a pancake, had been found guilty of stealing a motor car. Before Toad could do even one thing, a pair of cold cuffs snapped on his webbed hands, leaving him nowhere to go, but the dungeons.

Not much could be seen through the steamy dungeon mist: gloomy corners, rank rats and bunched up bars. A faint dripping sound could be heard among the loud shouts of people next door and above Toad’s head. He moaned to himself and said, “Where did I go wrong?” He sat miserably, covered in dust, regretting his every move.

Constantly, Toad was visited in his cell by the warden’s daughter: a young, glorious girl with bright blazing blue eyes, full of secret escapes.

“I have an Aunt who’s a washer-woman, but she is very poor,” babbled the girl.

“Why am I supposed to know?” replied Toad.

“Because I have a plan!” she blustered. “Maybe if you give her some cash then she will make a plan for you to get out of here!”

He thought about the plan for some time… He smiled. He began to clap his hands. He was going to be free!

Toad awoke to a marvellous morning; the air was dancing and he was dancing too! Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and Toad rushed over, knowing who it was. The washer-woman gave Toad the clothes and he reluctantly put them on, whilst hastily giving her the cash. Waddling out of his torturous cell, he started to skip past the guards, hiding his face with his bonnet and sticking his slimy tongue out at the washer woman.

Toad could hear a train. He thought, “a train station! I can get home! I’m going home! I’m going home!” When he got to the station, he dug into his pocket for a few coins. He realised that he had left all his lovely clothes behind. No pocket. No coins. No train. No going back to Toad Hall. “No! No! No! No! No!” screamed Toad. The ticket man, clearly alarmed, stared at him in surprise. “Oh, um… You see, I, uh, um…” stammered Toad. “I am very poor.” The man paused and looked at Toad with slight regret and took pity on Toad.

“Next please!” yelled the ticket man to the other passengers. Toad made his way onto the train, knowing he had managed to lie his was through again. This gave Toad a sense of satisfaction and power as the train left the station.

Relieved, Toad began to relax until he heard something in the distance. It was a screeching noise like a car drifting. At that moment, he dashed over to the driver and grabbed his arm. He trembled. The realisation caved in on Toad like he had just been plunged into the deep end of a freezing pool. There was only one thing to do. The train that was chasing him was getting closer. He had to jump…

Year 5 River Poems: 

Year 5 have been learning all about rivers. Inspired by the poem Wind by Dionne Brand, we wrote our own poems, drenching them in personification.  

River poems by Year 5

I am a river, as strong as can be

I seek for prey among the fish

I take over towns and flood cities

I push over rocks that get  in my way

I have gloomy, murky, swirling water like dust in my bank

I never fail to tell a tail as I cannot be seen

I push the waves with my force

I make a whirlpool with strength

I conjure up a storm

And when I come to seek a crab…

The sand sucks me up.

By Ayaan

I meander through bushes .

I swallow land from you. 

I pull rocks, I pull trees down.

My force breaks stone.

I swoosh mud in between me.

Bang Bang Crack 

I kidnap fish and munch them up.

I build up then attack.

I calmed down then shot back up

I don’t care that you say stop

Oh no I’m gone I’m merging into the sea.

By Bella

I once rolled a grand boulder through my streams,

I once moulded the earth like a pottery jar,

I once eroded the banks on my side and broke down the rocks,

I once nurtured a village’s farm and watered the wildlife, 

I once bounced pebbles across my banks,

I once swept up a dog in my streams but let it go,

I swished and I swung and I rolled and I shone

I am a river and my journey has just begun

By Ben

I devour lands and destroy what is in my way.
I seek revenge and betray trees,
A shower of hunger runs through me,

When I make the end, I form an ocean,
I am a creature that can demonlish.
More and more water grows
Deeper and deeper it runs,
I will take over.

By Deon

You wonder where I meander? Where I surely roam?  Where I take my nomad seeds on their journey home? I start on a mountain as small as a bead, as petite as a baby, that used to be me? Fresh icy rain made my body glow, I began to trickle down the mountain full of solid snow. Down, down, down, the bigger I grew, the braver I got, this adventure was new. So I explored through the dirty deltas, marshes, mudflats, crevices and cracks, bubbling with happiness that my mountain won’t come back. Then I spot this salt water river glimmering in the light  but I love my clear water. I better go hide! The v shaped valleys crushed their pride and before I do anything I merge with them why! But now I’m big but fragile, bubbles seep through my arms, fish are swimming happily and they know I do no harm. Now it is time for the mouth before the great waterfall, I swirl, swish and splat in the ocean once more my head feels full of water and I’m out of control! Now I have a group where I meander where I roam where I take nomad seeds on their journey home.

By Eden

I am a lion.

I pounce at shores and

roar at rocks

I swoop past rocks,

making them erode 

Humans litter on me,so

i just play with their ghastly


I am the river, and it doesn’t

matter, whether you like me or

not, you just have to deal with me

Sometimes i can be as calm as

A still rock, sometimes

I have a job to make humans flout

on me when they jump from sand 

to water

I am the river

By Ehsanul

I charge through rocks and boulders

I charge down the mountain

I sweep along fish and marine animals

I conquer villages that are on low land 

I swirl around v shaped gaps

I flow lazily near the end of the journey

I provide life for plants

I unite with the ocean

By Fahim

I splash, I soak, I sink and I rule the sea,

Nobody can stop me,

I take the rocks and stones and bring them to the bottom of my waterfall,

They cry, Oh they cry while leaves come and join them

twist and bending I am the river,

So what if I’m shallow, big, or wide

 when animals come, they drink me

It tickles, rocks, and leaves are free at last

I’m clear, not full of rubbish, feeling strong again

Everyone has seen me, right?

I swirl in excitement making V-shaped valleys

I rinse the rocks and sticks.

Accidentally take over the trees,

I giggle in misfortune

Everyone has seen me right?  

By Gabby

I have my way 

The world is carved how I want it 

I am calm at sight but I roar at heart 

I seep through the twists and turns 

I dramatically pull the fish along with me 

The force I use is inescapable 

I overflow when there is something I don’t like 

But run away as soon as I do it 

The slips and spills help 

Maybe not much but I am fantastic 

I will soon join forces 

I shall then emerge and conquer so everything is mine 

You won’t see it coming at you like a lightning bolt

Because I will look calm and peaceful there with the ocean 

So bye bye

By Imogen

I wave over a eagle out of the rocks for one day but let it go,

I heard a whistling timber and grabbed it with me along the trees,

I get used everyday nothing is ever new,

I made a hole tribe cheer in pride as I stroll by,

I helped a little fish from there to here,

I emerged with my others eventually turned into a channel,

I scooped a pebble of the sand and whirl it into the rocks,

I lifted plastic into the beach,

I am as blue as the sky,

I breed a flower into the ground,

I shift into any place I walk through.

By Jude

I wail across the wind moaning madly in the rain, I splash against the rapid rocks climbing up the mountain. I drown mother nature’s trees in my wet soaking body as it flows down nature. I storm beneath the skies crashing past the humans who try and touch my flowing body. I roar with nature’s waves as the storms crash into the oceans and it’s creatures. I stumble onto my face slowly getting angrier and wilder, my screams clash onto people’s tied up bodies, no one can escape me. I am the river, let my almighty waves and water capture you into my presence so no one can try and take me away from mother nature’s glory. I will never be tricked again.

By Kaya

I’m drenched in rough waves, muddy muck and freezing water 

I take down the lands and invite my furry friends to come play in me 

I erode the land and form v shaped valleys 

I sliver around like a snake and cover the world like a blanket 

My rough waves wash away any waste land

I’m as fast as a cheetah and as fierce as a lion

I’m as slippery as a frog

I’m as bored as a box

By Lamin

I give fresh water to the flora and fauna

I trudge, I trek, I stride pushing the earth’s soil aside

I am battered, bruised and cut by the rocks making gashes and gouges in my skin

I herd the people away as my banks burst

I draw in the castaways of human nature

I cave in as the naive nations rapidly ruin my stream of water

I sprawl out of my mouth and….

I become merged with the salty, silver water of the sea

By Lara

I am self-centred. I am beauty. Light, camera action my audience applaud me 

The reflection of the bridge shadows over me with ease as I cut through the ribbon with a snap all the cameras attacked.

I filtered my way through the nights and showered my waves in tears. I flooded myself in confusion as to why all humans had disappeared.

I will rise and erupt unexpectedly as I please, then evaporate myself into the sky when i need

I have collapsed and broken down rocks by washing away the day through the night 

There lies history beneath me waiting for someone to find……..

As I settle myself down and wait for the sun to reflect I clear my soul and wait to be found once again….

By Malak

I pulled a tarantula of land one day, but let it sink,
I brought some little pebbles to me, eroded by my power,
I pushed lazy humans as they lay on my clear water,

I hugged some dark trees as I was thrown towards the bank,
I tossed polluting boats around then pulled a face and went,
I soared down the mountain into a river and I splashed and twisted and lay where I could.

By Noemie

Calm and serene, I meander down the hill,
Until I crash against a sharp grey rock and explode into a million droplets feeling discombobulated,
I fly into the cold air and splash back down and start to flow again,

Twisting and turning around the bank,

I say, “Hello” to my fellow streams as we join to make a lake we call

By Raphael

I once flooded cities 

I have salt

Then there was a dam that gave me a halt 

Then I went bam I broke the dam I went through

I flowed through the forest to the city

I flooded the city and I swallowed buildings and cars and other objects

I went back into the ocean so I’m was safe from the dams

They are never to see me again

By Rio

I sway like the leaves on the trees 

I take over the lands 

I push rocks out of my way

I hypnotize the humans with my swirls

I flow faster then the wind 

I’m as deep as the ground 

I crash the rokes as I pass thro

  I divide the world with my body

  I carry the leaves with my curent

By Sadiha

I sleep when the sunset crawls in

I get fed with pollution 

I wear rocks as my clothes 

I feel the heavy boats stomping on me

I get revenge and make them sink

I bubble when I take a shower

I am salty so don’t drink me

I watch the people stroll along me

By Scarlett