As a class we were lucky enough to be invited to Waitrose cookery school in Kings Cross where we made healthy and nutritious quesadillas. The pupils were sensible and safe with all the resources and left with mouth watering treats for when they got home! 


In Year 5, we have had a fantastic start to our new term as we have been discovering all about why the Earth Matters and the exciting living beings we share the planet with. The class discovered all there is to know about cicadas and produced fantastic diary entries, first person narratives and now poems on the subject! The talk of living things has also led to us finding out that later on in the term we will be joined by ten new winged classmates…more on that in March!

Roman London at the Museum of London

It has been a thrilling time in Year 5 as we have concluded the first half of our topic ‘Who was here before us?’ where we learned all about Roman London. To celebrate our knowledge and experience history first hand, the entire class visited the Museum of London and explored their fantastic exhibits (which will be closing very soon!). The pupils asked questions, behaved impeccably and managed to see 2000 year old items that we have recently been discussing in our lessons. Their behaviour was superb throughout too, receiving praise from many members of the public on the bus. We are already excited as we have begun our new topic of WW2 London!

Building Skills as Pedestrians

The class have also relished the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the world around them by building pedestrian skills with Bev from Camden Council. The pupils had an afternoon where they discussed how to approach road safety, the signs that we see everyday and even the way pavements are designed for the public.

Camden Cross Country Tournament

On Friday 30th September 2022, year 5 enjoyed using their resilience skills to take part in a Camden wide cross country tournament at Parliament Hill against other schools. It was superb to see every single member of the class complete the 1.2km course. Congratulations to Dolcie and Ted for coming first out of our class.

Welcome to year 5!

What a fantastic start to the year it has been in Year 5! The pupils have all started the year with tremendous enthusiasm and are thoroughly engaged historians as we discover about Londinium and how Roman Britain came about. One particularly creative activity has been enjoyed as we compared Roman art and the art produced in Roman Britain. The class used charcoal and other sketching utensils to produce their own version of a statue of Marcus Aurelius that was discovered near modern day Northamptonshire.

Through music lessons, the class have begun their adventure of learning how to play trumpet, trombone or the cornet. In recent days, the pupils have already learned their first song (the 12 bar blues) and have been trusted to take the instruments home with them to practice. Good luck!