Breakfast club runs every day from 8am to 8:55am. It is open to pupils from Y1 through to the oldest pupils in the school. The cost is £3 per day.

The children are served a healthy choice of boiled eggs, toast, bagels and cereals by Debbie Souster. Children need to arrive before 8:30am to take part in Breakfast club.

The children are also able to participate in a range of activities with their friends. Numbers are limited, however if you want to find out more about Breakfast Club or to register your child, please call the school office or contact the Breakfast club co-ordinator Sharlene on

Magic Breakfast Club

Magic Breakfast are a not for profit charity who provide healthy breakfasts for school aged children across the country. They believe that no child should go hungry at the start of the school day, as a hungry child will not be able to concentrate and this will impact on their learning.

Camden Council have teamed up with Magic Breakfast to ensure that all Camden schools are able to offer a free breakfast to those that need it every school day. Clearly most families may prefer to ensure that their children eat breakfast at home, however there are also those children who refuse to eat breakfast first thing in the morning before they leave home. This may create an opportunity for your child to eat breakfast before they go in to class. We are also very aware that in the current financial climate, having breakfast in school may help some families to make ends meet.

We have now introduced Magic Breakfast to all children from Reception to Year 6. Children can arrive from between 8.30am and 8.45am where we will be offering bagels and cereal free of charge to any children who want breakfast. It is extremely important that we keep to these times as the children need to be fed and ready to be in class at the start of the school day, as do the staff.
Children wanting a Magic Breakfast will need to enter school via the courtyard.