Dear Year 3 Parents/Carers,

Year 3 Spring Term Newsletter

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a fantastic break celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt. The children have already shown a great interest in the history that we will be able to study. We will also be ensuring that the topic is cross curricular across all possible subjects such as DT, art, geography, literacy and science.

In English we will be focussing on the tale of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’, making comparisons with other traditional tales and eventually developing our writing skills by writing our own. We will be writing diary entries as Egyptians in the past and also writing instruction texts on how to mummify somebody! We will also be developing our research skills to write our own information texts on a range of subjects that are important to Ancient Egypt. Through this we will also be working on improving our stamina and focus when writing and our grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.  

In Maths we will be working on the four operations: calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using both mental and written methods. We will also be learning about rotational symmetry and properties of shapes.

For the first half term in Science we will be learning about light, shadows and the dangers of exposure to the sun. During the second half of the term we will be discovering about magnets and forces. In science we work to not only ensure the pupils understand the topics, but also build on their enquiry skills, develop interests in the world around them and help them to ‘work scientifically.’

In Geography we will be discovering about Egypt and how important it is geographically. We will be building map and atlas skills throughout and will discover why the River Nile was so necessary for the ancient civilisation to thrive. Geography will also provide the class with an opportunity to compare and contrast the modern nation with that of the past.

History will be very significant this term with the class learning about Ancient Egypt. We will consider the contrast with Britain, the role of Pharaohs and the pyramids, the religion of the time, Ancient Egyptian society and finally Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamun. 

In Art and DT we will be designing and constructing our own shadufs (Ancient Egyptian irrigation tool), studying Ancient Egyptian art and understanding how to write in hieroglyphics.

In Computing, we will be using iPads and laptops for researching to contribute to our own information texts on Ancient Egypt. We will be continually working on our coding skills to help build the children’s’ interest in how to be creative when working with technology in an ever changing world. Following on from that, we will be understanding the importance of internet safety.    

In PSHE we will be following the curriculum to ensure that the pupils have a strong understanding of the rights that they have, recognise how to make consumer choices, know about road safety and also mental health. We are also continuing our work with Year 1 and the ‘Canal and River Trust’ where we have adopted a pocket of the Canal to improve.    

Year 4 will continue to have PE sessions on Tuesday afternoons with Coach Charlie and Thursday mornings with myself. It is vital that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear in school for these lessons, including a hair bobble so that long hair can be tied back. Children will be taking part in gymnastics, dance and football lessons.  

Home Learning

Your child will continue to receive homework every Friday to allow your child to share with you some of his/her school learning. As usual, homework is due back on the following Thursday. Please ensure your child is completing their homework to a good standard and saving their MyMaths online. 

Please continue to practise the times tables that has been set. Your children have made a fantastic amount of progress so far and it would be excellent to keep it up.

Please also ensure your child is reading at home. They have really shown maturity and patience with reading in class, building skills both independently and when reading to others.  They have books that they are reading from school and should be taking these home each day.

Visits and workshops this term:
Rochester square pottery – 11 February 2020 Camden Learning Centre  – 24 March 2020                       
British Museum  – TBC                           
Petrie Museum –   TBD

Yours sincerely,

Mark Benjamin

Class teacher