Dear Year 3 Parents/Carers!

Welcome back to Hawley Primary School and welcome to Year 3! I hope that you and your families have had a fantastic summer and that you are all ready for a new school year. The children have settled into being Key Stage 2 pupils very well and I am certain it will be an exciting academic year ahead.

The topic we are studying this term is ‘Forces of Nature.’ Through our early discussions, the pupils have already formed a wide range of questions and have shown that they already know some very interesting facts on the topic! Whenever possible, this topic will be covered through cross curricular teaching and learning – linking subjects together to ensure a wholesome experience for the children.

In English we will be working on our writing skills to write stories, newspaper articles, recounts and poems. These will be based on the texts, Mouse, Bird, Snake, Meredith Hooper’s The Pebble in my Pocket and real life recounts and events in the news. We will also be working on improving our grammar, punctuation, handwriting and spelling.

In Maths we will be working on our understanding of place value, calculating addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions as numbers and statistics (collecting and representing data from a weather station). We will also be developing our problem solving skills by completing investigations and challenges.

In Science, we will be learning about rocks, fossils, volcanoes and soils. We will work on our scientific skills by completing exciting investigations, recognising the importance of fair tests and how to collect data.

In Geography we will learn about human and physical geographical features, focusing on the weather in the U.K but also comparing it to other nations, such as Japan. We will become geographers, carrying out enquiries in our school grounds and local area. We will learn about extreme weather and about earthquakes and volcanoes. We are also going to be learning about the canals in our Camden and how they compare to the rest of our country and the world. Finally, we are going to find out about the environment and what we can do to help – focussing on plastics and water.

In History we will learn about some natural disasters that have happened in the past and how they affected people. We will also learn about the history of our earth through rocks, fossils and soils and read the story of Mary Anning.

In Art and DT we will be designing and making our own instruments to measure the weather, designing and making a flood proof building and learning about Henry Moore’s sculptures. In our sketch books we will be completing observational drawings of fossils and rocks.

In Computing, we will be using laptops and IPads to help us research our topic and to write and film news reports.  

In RE we will be learning about Christianity and water. This will have links to PSHE in which we will be working on respecting our differences.

Year 3 will have PE sessions on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear in school for these lessons. The children will change before and after their lesson.

Through Guided Reading, pupils will read to an adult at least once a week. In these sessions, the children will work with myself, work with Clare, complete comprehension tasks on the reading or complete quiet independent reading, changing every day. Pupils will be able to borrow up to one book from the school and it is very important that they continue to read at home as much as possible. Please return the books back to school once finished. When reading with your child please ask questions about the text to develop comprehension skills.

Home Learning

Every Friday your child will be given homework. This allows your child to share with you some of his/her school learning. Please participate in their homework but allow the child to take the lead, assisting only if they need explaining/clarification or need something reading.

 Homework is due back on the following Thursday.

Included in this homework will be five spellings taken from the statutory Year 3 and 4 words to learn. We will be having a test every Friday on these words.

Every morning the class arrive to complete a particular times table challenge. Each week the times table changes with a test completed on the Friday. Please see the noticeboard to find out what times table the class are working on.

Please remember that children should be in the classroom at 8.55 am each morning. If they are not in the room by this time they will be recorded as late.

Visits and workshops this term:
Natural History Museum – earthquakes and volcanoes           To be confirmed
City Learning Centre                                                                        To be confirmed
Sir John Soane’s Museum – rocks and soils                                 November 7th 2019

Kind regards

Mark Benjamin