On Monday, we enjoyed our first trip of the year where we went on a nature walk to Hampstead Heath! We practiced our impressive resilience skills by walking to and from the Heath – even managing to squeeze in a cheeky picnic with a view. During our walk we stopped to forage various natural materials that will help us build our clay fantastical creatures this week. We are looking forward to exploring how the shapes and textures will create the different body parts of our creatures and their super powers. A big thanks to the parents who were able to assist with the trip, the children thoroughly enjoyed your company and we couldn’t have done it without you!

In year 3 we have been crafting our fantastical creatures out of the natural materials we foraged from our trip to Hampstead Heath. The children used clay as a base for their creature bodies and added their natural materials as features such as wings, tails, spines and horns. By using our Hawley Habits – imagination and creativity we were able to bring our creatures to life through our descriptive writing in Literacy! We look forward to showing these off in our Harvest Assembly next week.

We have also been using our drama skills to roleplay one of the characters in our class book Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by David Almond. The children crafted their own microphones and took turns to play BBC Newsround interviewers live in our makeshift studio! After half term we will write our own comic strips based on our fantastical creatures and publish them using our computing skills!

In English we have started a new graphic novel called Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf written by David Almond and illustrated by David McKean. Inspired by the highly descriptive writing and emotive drawings we have started to draw our own creations in the style of David McKean. We used red and orange oil pastels to represent the creation of our creatures within dark silhouettes of our heads. We have started to use ambitious adjectives, and noun phrases to describe our fantastical creatures and look forward to developing our descriptive writing next week!