In the Summer term in Year 3, we are enjoying our Here and There topic where we have been discovering about rainforests in South America and comparing them to London. Although not painted about a South American rainforest, we have had a fantastic time finding out about French painter Henri Rousseau who would imagine what being in a jungle across the world would be like! Following our research, we used teamwork to split the painting into eights and all contribute to group versions of the painting. 25.5.21

In Year 3, we have been finding out about how the traditional tale of Cinderella has been told in a range of forms, dating all the way back to the Egyptian times! We learned about the story of Rhodopis from Egypt, and compared the story to tales from Korea, Greece and Italy. Following our hard work in English, we enjoyed using oil pastels to depict the range of Cinderellas. They are currently on display for the other pupils to see! 25.5.21

Year 3 retold the story of ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ in the form of a graphic novel. This included a lot of planning, preparation, penmanship and finally painting. All have been put together and they are proudly on display in the classroom and ready to be read! November 2020

Year 3 have recently completed a science experiment to find out if more rain falls the higher up you are in the school. Going against what the majority of the class thought, all three levels received the same amount of rain! We measured this using rain gauges that we recycled from old water bottles. Thank you to the parents for supplying these! November 2020