An understanding of science will enable our pupils to understand our world. Scientific developments continue to change our lives and are vital for everyone’s future. We want to ensure that our pupils grow up with the scientific skills and enthusiasm to take part in our evolving global society.

We want our pupils to have positive attitudes towards science and to understand that science is exciting, useful, creative and challenging but we also work to ensure that children gain a secure understanding of scientific concepts and specific scientific knowledge.

We encourage curiosity and want children to ask questions about the world. We then ensure that pupils have opportunities to find answers to their own questions through scientific enquiry using skills such as observation, grouping and classifying, designing experiments and referring to secondary sources of information.

In each year group, we teach planned topics that have a science focus and, to ensure curriculum coverage, some areas of science are also taught discreetly. As much as possible, we link our science teaching to other aspects of the curriculum. We ensure that there is also a particular focus on the acquisition of scientific vocabulary.

We love to teach science through real experiences and frequently take the children on trips that have a scientific focus and we make use of our garden, and other aspects of our environment, to enhance the children’s understanding of the world. Science lessons are a very enjoyable part of the school day.