Road Safety Week 19-23 Nov

This  week is Road Safety Week and it is an ideal opportunity for all of us to remind the children about keeping themselves safe, whether they are walking, passengers in a vehicle or on their bikes or scooter.

We have reminded your children that, for the majority of them, they are too young to cross the road on their own. The oldest children need to be fully aware of how to cross the road safely.

As you are aware , we are quite concerned about the safety of the zebra crossing outside of our school. As previously mentioned, we have sought to find a way of getting drivers to notice that they need to slow down as they approach the crossing. As such we have purchased 2 ‘Parking Buddies’ (pictured below). One was purchased by the school fund and the other by Mr Kibrya, father of pupils in Year 3 and Year 4. Two  may not be enough but we are hoping that they may make a difference