Hawley Primary School’s pocket of Regent’s Canal

Have you had a stroll along Regent’s Canal recently? If so, you may have seen a wonderful mural and wildlife area that Hawley Pupils have helped to develop.

As part of the canal’s bicentenary celebrations, last year’s Year 2 and 4 classes worked closely with Mike Wakeford from the Canal and River Trust to rejuvenate this hitherto slightly unloved area of the canal. Our pupils had various sessions where they brainstormed ideas that would help to attract and nurture local wildlife. So there is now a lovely welcoming space for bats, bugs and various birds! Along the way our pupils picked up lots of science, STEAM and art enrichment. 

Why not take an outing to Kings Cross this weekend and admire the space along the way? If you do, please e-mail us a picture and tell us about any wildlife you spot there.