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  • Year 6

    In Science we have been learning about the circulatory system. We carried out an experiment, exploring the 4 main components of blood; red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. We really enjoyed making our own version of blood!​

  • Year 5 became a Celtic tribe for the afternoon

    We sat round the ‘campfire’ to discuss the skills, jobs and crafts that are needed around the village. We were having a lovely time making maps of our Hill forts when we were interrupted with news from across the English Channel that an Empire is growing across Europe from Italy – the Romans are coming to invade…

  • Year 5 have had a super start to the year

    We read the story ‘Azzi in Between’ and explored it through drama. We rinsed our drama experience for vocabulary which we have already used in some fantastic speech writing about refugees.

  • Year 3

    Year 3 have had a super time returning back to class. We have enjoyed resuming subjects we know well and also our brand new ones like French and recorders.

  • A great start to Year 1

    The children have been exploring all of the new maths equipment in the Year 1 classroom and showing off their skills at counting and making sets to match numbers.