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  • World Book Day 2022

    All the children and staff had great fun dressing up as their favourite book characters. How many can you spot?

  • Christmas Doors

    All classes have been very busy decorating their doors for Christmas.

    Have a look at our lovely creations.

  • Black History Month at Hawley

    We enjoyed doing tie dye in Reception for Black History Month. We learnt that tie dye is used in different parts of the world to decorate cloth including Nigeria in West Africa. We looked at some Nigerian fabric and then made our own tie dye. We tied elastic bands tightly round the cloth and dipped it. When we took the bands off, there were white circles where the bands had been.

    Year 2 have been studying the African kenyan artist Martin Bulinya. We noticed the elongated figure, the bright colours and the use of African pattern in his paintings. We created our own designs using a variety of media including watercolour, ink and acylic paint. Take a look at our work.

    Year 3 have been busy creating self portraits inspired by Kimmy Cantrell, an African American artist who uses sculptures to challenge the traditional definitions of beauty. After designing and planning our self portraits using asymmetrical shapes we were then able to paint and layer card to create a relief effect. We are very proud to celebrate our imperfections just like Kimmy!​

    For homework Year 4 explained why Black History Month is important.

    Year 5 enjoyed using our topic of writing a persuasive speech to enjoy examples of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry.  We found Talking Turkeys to be a superb example of gaining the readers sympathy. It used hilarious repetition and we found his performance of the poem to be very helpful with our own work. Having an opportunity to hear about his upbringing in Birmingham and the topics that have interested and made him the poet and author he is today was very inspiring to us all.

  • Year 3 Art Club

    Year 3 Art Club with by Marion and Yvonne

    Pumkins inspired by Yayoi Kusama

  • Healthy Schools Week

    We have been celebrating Healthy Schools Week at Hawley. In Year 1, we have been learning about healthy eating and made ourselves a healthy snack. We used rice cakes, houmous, cream cheese and vegetables to make faces. Can you spot animals, birds, people and aliens?

  • Year 2

    Year 2 has entered the Royal Mail Hero’s of the pandemic stamp competition. We brainstormed all the Covid hero’s and researched images (from Marcus Rashford to Refuge collectors)of them from the internet. We drew them in outline and then carefully coloured them in. Finally we painted a rainbow background.

  • Something Special Happens…

    “Something Special Happens” was a song written for Camden. Hawley took part in the making of the video. Y4 performed it fabulously with choreography from Charlie and singing lessons from Olga. You can see the video by clicking on the link

  • Crazy Hair Day!

    What a great way to end Anti-Bullying Week. 20.11.20

  • Year 4

    Year 4 made string telephones to experience sound travelling as vibrations through a material. We discussed how sound waves sound louder when they are heard through solids. (Like the string of the telephones)

  • Reception

    Reception have had a lovely time settling into their new classroom and making friends. We have been pleased to welcome children from several local Nurseries as well as our own Hawley Nursery. We have enjoyed stories; looking after dollies in our baby clinic; making coffee and tea for “The Tiger who came to Tea”; using water on a hot afternoon outside and playing games as well as many other things. The children are all doing well with staying for lunch and this week started Music and PE classes. More photos to follow soon!