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  • Year 1

    Year 1 went for a walk to Rochester Terrace Gardens to look for signs of spring. We saw blossom on trees and bushes, new leaves growing and lots of sunshine. We also heard the birds singing. We drew very carefully from far away and up close.

  • Something Special Happens…

    “Something Special Happens” was a song written for Camden. Hawley took part in the making of the video. Y4 performed it fabulously with choreography from Charlie and singing lessons from Olga. You can see the video by clicking on the link

  • Hello Hawley Magazine!

    Issue 3 of Hello Hawley has been uploaded. You can find it on the “Parents Info” tab

  • Christmas has arrived at Hawley.

    Our Year 6 children were delighted to take part in the annual Christmas Tree dressing with our Head Teacher Anne.

  • Crazy Hair Day!

    What a great way to end Anti-Bullying Week. 20.11.20

  • Black History Month

    The caterers that provide our School Dinners put on a lovely Black History Day lunch. This consisted of Jerk Chicken and Rice, Jellof Quorn Rice, Sweet Corn & Peas Mixed Vegetable. For dessert we had a choice of Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes topped with a slice of Banana or Tropical Fruit Platter. Thank you Caterlink, it was delicious! 11.11.20

  • Hawley remember the Fallen Soldiers

  • Year 1

    Year 1 have been looking at paintings by Lancelot Ribeiro. He was an Indian modern artist who came to live in London. The children sketched a view of the London skyline and then painted it in this style. They practised using their paintbrush very carefully.

  • Year 2

    Gardening and Cooking with Clare and Oonagh every Friday afternoons.

    Every Friday afternoon a group of 6 children will go gardening with Clare and another group go cooking with Oonagh in the Hawley kitchen. 

    As it is harvest time Year 2 have been busy harvesting the school garden.  We have harvested potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and raspberries and strawberries amongst other things.  As well as harvesting, the children also plant seeds which we grow in the classrooms and in our greenhouse, until they are strong and big enough to plant outside.

    The vegetables and fruit that the children pick are then used to cook with in Oonagh’s cooking class.  So far they have made raspberry, apple and pear crumbles. Yummy!

  • Year 4

    Year 4 made string telephones to experience sound travelling as vibrations through a material. We discussed how sound waves sound louder when they are heard through solids. (Like the string of the telephones)