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  • Hampstead Heath

    Year 1 went to Hampstead Heath to look for signs of autumn. We found leaves changing colour and falling from the trees, conkers, acorns, fungi and cold weather!

  • Year 1’s adventures

    Year 1 went on a walk in the local area. We compared old and new buildings and found out about some of our local shops.

  • Sports Day!

    We had a great day at Regent’s Park for our Sports Day in July. Although it was very hot, our pupils were amazing and didn’t give up. Congratulations Emerald Team for the win this year!

  • Healthy Schools Week 2019

    Anthony Ogogo, from Team GB, came to talk to us about healthy eating and achieving our goals.

  • Swimming Gala

    Hawley pupils from Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in their first Swimming Gala at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.