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  • Year 4 Dodgeball competition

    Well done to some of our Year 4s who participated in the Camden wide Dodgeball competition which was held at Talacre last week.  Children from 6 different primary schools played on mixed teams.

    “It was great playing with the children from other schools, they were really kind,” said Maira.

    We are really proud of our Year 4s who took part, they were great competitors and wonderful Hawley ambassadors!

  • School Council elections!

    Thank-you to all the children in years 3 – 6 who stood in our recent Hawley School Council elections. The children’s presentations to their classes were of an incredibly high standard and, in many classes, it was a tightly run contest. 

    We are delighted to announce our new school council representatives for this year:

    Achol – Year 3

    Alex – Year 3

    Maryam – Year 4

    Lucas – Year 4

    Cassius – Year 5

    Zan – Year 5

    Jad – Year 6

    Lana – Year 6

  • Inter-school sports – Our first ever netball tournament!

    Pupils from Year 5 and 6 have kickstarted the sporting calendar for the year by taking part in our first ever netball fixtures against other schools. Fielding two teams, the pupils worked hard throughout this week’s friendlies to get multiple goals and build their skills in preparation for our first ever tournament in two weeks time. 

    Congratulations to Zan and Shaima for being our first ever goal scorers!

  • Meet the Parents’ transition event

    Our Year 6 families are busy making school visits and 

    A ‘Meet the Parents’ transition was held at the school so that our families could find out about the local secondary schools. The event was very well attended and we are very grateful to the families and the very articulate Year 8 pupils who came to speak to us and share their experiences.

  • Crossing the road!

    Since we moved to Hawley some years ago, we have tried to address the concerning issue of the zebra crossing outside our school. Over the years parents have occasionally told us that they have had a ‘near miss’ whilst crossing the  road with their children. This term there has been a sudden increase in the number of families reporting this issue to us.

    We have a very concerned parent who has written to the local authority and approached TfL with this problem on our behalf. In order to support our case for the safety of the crossing to be improved, we really need any parents who have had a bad experience on the crossing to let us know. Our CCTV cameras can capture incidents but we do need to know when they occur. 

    Please come to the office to let us know so that we can keep a record of incidents.

    In the meantime we have identified some safety bollards that we would like to purchase. However, we will need to raise funds to purchase them. We will be writing to you soon to let you know how we hope to raise the funds

  • Art Club – Piet Mondrian

    The children have been experimenting with collage as a medium to create art work inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. They cut out red, yellow and blue squares and rectangles. They then printed bold, black vertical and horizontal lines on top. Have a look in the HART space to see all of their amazing work!

  • Welcome back!

    We hope everyone had a restful summer break and the children are looking forward to being in their new year groups, ready to focus on their learning for this half term.

  • Lent and Easter, Ramadan and Eid

    This year the holy months of Lent and Ramadan coincide. This means that whilst Lent comes to an end with the celebration of Easter, half way through the spring term, Ramadan will continue until after we return to school. Of course the aspect that the children most enjoy is the celebration at the end. Either Easter eggs in abundance or family gatherings and gifts for Eid.

    We’re pleased to inform you that there will be Easter eggs at Easter and parents are planning a big Eid celebration for Friday 5th May. Please make a note of this date in your diaries

  • The Great Big Clean Up!

    The Great Big Clean Up is taking place all over the UK right now!

    The Eco-team went out with their litter pickers last Friday and they found a surprising amount of litter, especially cigarette ends, in Torbay Lane and at the front of the school.

    They are organising an anti-litter poster competition for the school and they will write to the owners of the market to ask them to put a cigarette bin in Torbay Lane.

    Let’s Keep Britain Tidy!

  • Red Nose Day

    On Friday 17th March we celebrated RED NOSE DAY at Hawley. Having spoken to the children in recent weeks about the various tragedies that have been taking place around the world, they were very keen to raise money for children who may have lost their homes and their families.

    We decided to have a Dance-a-thon. We stopped several times throughout the day to dance to The Macarena and raise money by doing so. Of course, the day was not complete without parents joining in and so at the end of the day many of you joined us!

    We would like to say an enormous thank you to all of the families who went out and got sponsorship from friends, family, neighbours and the wider community.

    You helped us raise a record breaking £1,235.55. This is by far the highest total that we have ever sent to Comic Relief